Technical information and ordering

AD FONTES Turntable

Below are the information about the technical data of the turntable, which are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If there are issues that are not described below - feel free to contact me.
podstawa gramofonu analogowego ad fontes

The base of the turntable

The base is made of a unique combination of materials of different densities bonded under pressure, weighing approximately 8 kg. Base surface finish - from satin varnished wooden veneers through gloss varnished versions to the piano version. Types of veneers and colors can be adjusted accordingly to your needs.

The base is equipped with spikes to level the turntable. The rear output sockets ensure easy and safe connection to other parts of the audio path.

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Plate and tonearm

The turntable platter weighing about 12 kilograms consists of three independent elements made of duralumin and acrylic. Thanks to this solution, the finished plate can be configured in three ways. The plate has a diameter of 30 centimeters and a height of 60-65 mm. The set includes a rubber mat.

Straight tonearm, 14 inches long. Depending on the preferences of the buyer, I can offer three basic versions with different parameters of the effective mass of 12-14-16 grams and their combinations. Such solutions make it possible to adjust the arm to any currently produced MM and MC cartridges as well as "historical" cartridges from the 60/70, which are still popular. The arm bearing based on the cardan joint is a simple and technically problem-free solution. The arm has the option of anti-scattering adjustment. The necessity of this regulation is determined and discussed each time based on the insert used by the buyer. Setting the tonearm pressure is available by using a movable counterweight, based on the weight attached to the turntable.

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Drive and connection to the audio track

The turntable is driven by a DC motor. The power supply system is based on a high-quality, proven electronic system. The stabilization and regulation of the speed is simple and based on the indications of the strobe dial and a 50 Hz generator. The drive is transferred from the motor to the platter by high quality belt with a length of 1 meter. The drive system is located outside of the base of the turntable, which eliminates the transmission of vibrations from the drive system to the cartridge.

The turntable allows you to play vinyl records at 33.3 rev / min and 45 rev / min.

The turntable is always equipped with preamplifier connection cables, clamp, spirit level, 7-inch reduction for singles, weight and a set of templates for possible calibration on your own. I also provide all necessary consumables. The set is included in the price of the turntable.

Size and weight:

Size of the turntable in cm. (width / depth / height): 55/40/25.

Approximate weight with plate in kg: 22.

Price of the turntable: The price is set individually for each turntable. It is influenced by such elements as veneer, type of drive and number of arms.

How to order

The AD FONTES turntable is an individual piece of work. The variety of available wood veneers and the color palette limit the creation of "shelf" items in a natural way. So how do you order and own this product?

Please contact Christoph for orders outside of Poland. He`ll explain available options and will handle the order.

If you happen to be in Poland feel free to visit me - we`ll listen to some music together.


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